“Suzahn ‘s music is an elegant entrée into a romantic world of dazzling virtuosity; smoky-smooth vocals, impressive guitar work, masterful scatting, critically acclaimed originals and unique interpretations of jazz classics.  The listener is transported to a place with blue martini’s, clinking wine glasses, well-dressed patrons and a cozy sepia-toned atmosphere. Suzahn delivers all this intertwined with tidbits of jazz history and clever wit.”  –jazzreview.

 …the consummate performer with astounding talent!  Lynn Samuels, XM Satellite Radio.  WABC-radio, NYC

“Her voice clear and strong practically drips with sex appeal…the musical equivalent of Viagra.” Maryville Times, TN

 “An elegant purveyor of smoky vocals, accomplished guitar playing, masterful scatting, well crafted standards and originals, New York born Suzahn is a true jazz diva. “ The Argus, England

“Suzahn Fiering’s “PARIS WITHOUT HIS KISS” is a musical and sonic masterpiece”… The Nashville Music Guide.

“A hot ticket with a killer voice… a Jazz Bard, the Joni Mitchell of Jazz!” Lynn Samuels, XM Satellite Radio.

 Fiering’s style combines improvisational flair with a natural swing and exuberance… not just an excellent vocalist, but she is also an impressive writer and guitar player.” The City Paper, Nashville

“Intelligent, well crafted songs and a strong, smoky, versatile voice…” The Tennessean

 “”An outstanding interpretive stylist and ballad performer.” The Nashville Scene.

 ”Don’t mess with fire, this girl’s got it and she can Scatt!” Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Jay Leno Show.

 ”She sings and writes her ass off…” Jaco.

 “One of the best songwriters and most captivating performers I have ever known.  Her work and her life have influenced mine greatly.” Jonathan Larson.  Author and composer of RENT!

 ”Suzahn is a wonderful teller of stories through song and a great guitar player with a rich and colorful voice. Her ability to write and play in so many styles so well is a sight to behold.” – Richard Adler, 4-time Grammy winning producer, Nashville, TN.

 “I hereby tip her brilliant ‘Another Out of Town Romance’ as the best jazz song of the year.” Jazz Rag, Birmingham, England

“An accomplished composer and guitarist, Suzahn’s writing style is influenced by blues, R&B, and pop – although traditional jazz runs throughout like molten steel… and she can scatt with the best of them.   Birmingham Post, England.

“Suzahn is a bold, fresh and adventurous talent and writes songs that can touch your heart at 60 paces. “  La Tribuna, Marbella, Spain