“Suzahn is a Jazz Bard who scats with intensity and inventiveness and comps on guitar with ease. But, the real prize is her original songs.” Lynn Samuels, WABC

Suzahn Fiering tours the US & Europe, has performed at top venues like: The Copenhagen Jazz Fest, Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center (NYC); The Blue Note (NYC); The Starbucks Int’l Jazz Festival, Birmingham (UK) The Marbella Int’l Jazz Festival (Spain) Le Festival de la Terre (Paris France) and the Pizza Express Jazz Club (London) with players borrowed from Tony Bennett, Rod Stewart, Cleo Lane, and Sting. In and out of the studios, Suzahn has worked with the likes of Vanessa Williams, Will Lee, Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Mel Lewis, Marc Cohen, Dick Oatts, Donald Harrison, Marc Egan, Donald Brown, Grady Tate, Sam Bush and Jaco Pastorius. Suzahn has composed and sang on many National Jingles and music for TV and Radio.

Paris Without His KissAlbum Description: Suzahn’s CD “Paris Without His Kiss”, is pure sonic genius, recorded on 2” analog by 4-time Grammy winner, multi-gold and platinum engineer and producer Richard Adler and features Nashville’s “A -Team” session players. “Paris Without His Kiss”, was distributed worldwide, and was played on over 200 radio stations in the US and Canada as well as numerous stations throughout Europe. This CD has a masterful mix of swing, blues, Latin, modern, and ballads and it’s excellent sound captures the feeling of the great recordings of the past lending a warm, vintage ambience to its musical honesty and integrity.

“Suzahn Fiering’s music is an elegant entrée into a romantic world of dazzling virtuosity with smoky-smooth vocals, impressive guitar work, masterful scatting, critically acclaimed originals and unique interpretations of jazz standards. The listener is transported to a place with blue martini’s, the sound of clinking wine glasses, well-dressed patrons and a cozy sepia-toned atmosphere. Suzahn delivers all this intertwined with tidbits of jazz history and lots of humor.” Jazz Review

“An accomplished composer and guitarist, Suzahn’s writing style is influenced by by blues, R&B, and pop – although the traditional jazz runs throughout like molten steel and she can scatt with the best of them.” The Birmingham Post, Birmingham England

“An elegant purveyor of smoky vocals, accomplished guitar playing, masterful scatting, well crafted standards and originals, New York born Suzahn is a true jazz diva.” The Argus, England

“Suzahn’s new CD ‘Paris Without His Kiss,’ might very well lead to Richard Adler’s Fifth Grammy.” Nashville Music Guide

“Suzahn’s voice clear and strong practically drips with sex appeal… She is the musical equivalent of Viagra.” Maryville Times

“Fiering’s style combines improvisational flair and a natural swing and exuberance. She’s not just an excellent jazz vocalist, she’s also an impressive writer.” Ron Wynn, The City Paper