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Jump Into Jazz-Guitar Elements Workshop
 Anyone Can Play Jazz Guitar!  This workshop, conducted by Suzahn Fiering is taught in a classroom-workshop format.  During the course, students learn small pieces of information at a time.  They will digest, and practice those pieces of information with other students, before moving on and building upon that information.

Each student will leave with enough jazz and guitar knowledge to play basic jazz tunes (chords and soling). They will also know the guitar neck and rudimentary theory.

This class is both informal, yet highly structured. Suzahn’s goal is for the student to continue to teach themselves after they leave.  The environment is fun, uplifting and positive. Fundamentals and basics are stressed. Students will learn quickly and feel they have a solid entrée into the magic world of jazz.

 All sessions will be held from 11am to 5pm on either or both Saturday and Sunday.  Each day will be followed by a jam session.

Perequisites: -Previous experience playing guitar and a willingness to learn. -Suzahn may ask for a recorded sample before admission. -At least 17 years of age 

How to Be an Independent, International, Touring Artist
                          This is a step-by-step overview on how to travel and work as an artist.

What You’ll Learn:
*How to talk to promoters, agents and venues to get a yes.
*How to find gigs and fans and keep them wanting more.
*The art of negotiating: How to talk about money.
*How to set up and run your business successfully in your spare time.
*How to mine leads for gigs.
*Publicity, marketing, PR and advertising: what they are and how they can help you.
*Social Media and the Internet. * Finding a niche, creating a brand.
*An overview of writing and pitching for film and TV.
*How to save money on travel and accommodations, and staying healthy on the road.
*How to use the Law of Attraction to get everything you need and more…

Building Block Basics, The nuts and bolts of the Music Business.
This Clinic is a layman’s overview of what really goes on in the day to day workings of the music business including Artist’s Rights and Copyright Law, The Music Law Quiz; Artist Affiliates, Music Publishing, Indie Labels versus the Majors, the Basics of Touring as an Indie Artist, the World of Recording, Distribution, Licensing, airplay and the Consultants, and signal flow from songwriter to stage to selling CD’s. This is a presentation followed by Q & A.

Songwriting: The Craft of the Song, The Art of the Business - How to write 'em, how to play 'em, how to pitch 'em.
Students learn a quick guide to a Pop sensibility through the Nashville Number system, basic music theory and lyric writing techniques. They will also be presented with a Music Industry overview, connecting and networking and clearing a path to one’s dreams. This class can be any length from a few hours to a few days. It can be taught in two modules, beginner and advanced and includes a “cassette roulette” and song circles.

Vocal Performance & Song Stylings for Vocalists and Singer/Songwriters (Master Class or Workshop).
Through a nurturing and holistic approach, students gain an understanding of their unique sound. This is accomplished by increasing the basic understanding of the mechanics of their voice through tone sculpting techniques, understanding the breath, creating tone textures, setting up the vocal keyboard and learning self monitoring. The students will learn the basics of and sing the Nashville number system singing chords, arpeggios and harmonic patterns (1-4-5’s, 2min – 5 –1’s & 3min – 6min’s). They will work on understanding dynamics, using technology to their advantage, working with an audience, how to deal with stage fright, understanding rhythm and singing soulfully. Every student gets to perform in front of the group at the end of the workshop.

The Vocal Enlightenment Workshop:
This is a holistic approach to singing for two groups: beginners and pros. It incorporates Creative Visualization, group energy work and sound and light work to give group connectivity and bring out the student’s voices. This workshop will guide the student with their live performance as well. Beginners can over come phobias and learn to connect within them selves as well as with the audience and other performers. For the Pros. it helps them go to the next level of professionalism by connecting them with their inner power and with the audience as well as build their performance intuition and confidence. The advanced class also involves more one on one coaching within the group and group performances for the class.

Jazz Vocals and improvisation: The Basics (for jazz & non jazz vocalists).
This class is great for the jazz singer and non-jazz singer alike. Learning to feel a melody, shape a melody, breathing techniques and creating different tone textures and sounds are all wonderful ways to improve any singer. This can be extremely useful for the pop, country, rock and folk-alternative singer. Learning how to sing with soul and get a basic understanding of rhythm and “feel” can transform any vocalist. Jazz and blues standards provide an infinite amount of opportunities for the vocalist to experiment and learn. When applied to pop and other genres, the singer takes away invaluable tools, a sense of musical freedom and a better understanding of their voices and capabilities. This can be done as a master class or workshop.

Jazz Vocals and improvisation: For the advanced jazz vocalist.
This master class is a must have for any jazz vocalist. We work on understanding general improvisation, understanding improvisation for the voice, navigating through modes, communicating with the band, leading the band, understanding rhythm, analyzing a tune, tone production and shaping, breath, audience connectivity, working with technology, body language and movement and basic music theory for singers (including singing riffs, changes and arpeggios). We work repertoire and the student gets one on one coaching within the group. Time and group size permitting, every student gets to perform in front of the group at the end of the class.

American Jazz: From Slavery to the White House.
Jazz is a truly American art form that has been embraced the world over. But often it’s incredibly rich socio-political history goes unspoken. The history of Jazz is the history of America following an evolution of struggle and triumph, through a complex landscape. It provides an abundant musical backdrop, while crossing cultures and communities, as it chronicles generations of the American experience from slaves to citizens, and all the way to the White House.

Come on a journey with Suzahn and explore the conceptual aspects of Jazz with her educational, inspirational and entertaining performance!  Participants listen, learn and sing along while learning the elements of Jazz through, “Scatting”. Suzahn will share cool jazz lingo, the secrets of how a jazz works, what jazz musicians and avid listeners are thinking, and share hilarious and fascinating antidotes from a life on the road around the world.  The audience will walk away with an understanding and appreciation of why jazz musicians improvise, and get a road map of what they are doing when they improvise. One or two lucky audience member will be invited up onstage to try their hand at improvising along with Suzahn and the band.  This is a fun program which can vary in length and depth, depending on the venue and time allotted. 


The Roots of Jazz: Elements Before 1850 and into the early 20th Century.
 Though jazz and classic blues are really early twentieth-century black music innovations, certain characteristics found in jazz do have their roots in much earlier musical traditions that are not often talked about.  Call and response and improvisation from Afro-Caribbean influences along with the reinvention of elements from Western music are intertwined and influenced by an era of exploration and exploitation.  Socially, economically and spiritually through this period in the US, one sees a connection to the deep roots of jazz as it matures from Gospel and Blues. This fun and enlightening Master Class is interwoven with live song performances and recorded examples and students are asked to participate.

The Artists Way: A spiritual path to higher creation.
This is an ongoing 12 step program for the recovering creative. We work with Julia Cameron’s book to get in touch with our true inner creative self and take the steps to unblock past patterns, negative tapes and self-sabotage. Together, we build a plan for each person in the group through examination, supportive-ness and exercises designed to guide each participant towards clear, healthy and abundant choices. This is a 12-session program or a one session overview class.

For more information or to schedule a class, please Email Suzahn or call 615-385-9349.