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“Suzahn ‘s music is an elegant entrée into a romantic world of dazzling virtuosity; smoky-smooth vocals, impressive guitar work, masterful scatting, critically acclaimed originals and unique interpretations of jazz classics.  The listener is transported to a place with blue martini’s, clinking wine glasses, well-dressed patrons and a cozy sepia-toned atmosphere. Suzahn delivers all this intertwined with tidbits of jazz history and clever wit.”  –jazzreview.

Thanks for stopping by the official website of world-class, award-winning vocalist, guitarist, composer, and educator, Suzahn Fiering.  Suzahn is the leader of the international band, “The Elegant Gypsies”, heading the charge with a  broad musical pallet ranging from Jazz to Blues, Gypsy to Americana.  Suzahn features the best musicians from around the globe, charming audiences at festivals, clubs, concert halls, and universities world-wide.


Concert Highlights:  The Copenhagen Jazz Fest, The Marbella Jazz Fest (Spain), The Birmingham Jazz Fest-UK (5 times), Alice Tully Hall-Lincoln Center,-NYC, The Blue Note-NYC, The New York City Folk Fest, The Clearwater Fest,  Soho Pizza Express in London, l’ecole de la legion d’honneur in Paris, and at Le Festival de la Terre in Paris and Toulouse (representing the Honorable Al Gore and the US Embassy). Suzahn is the director of the 2019 Nashville Gypsy Jazz & Django Festival.

Notable collaborations:  Paul McCartney, Dick Oatts, Joe Lavano, Claudio Roditti, Will Lee,  Victor & Reggie Wooten, Mel Lewis, Gil Evans, Jaco Pastorious, Julian and Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, Alec Dankworth, Ralph Salmins, Digby Fairweather, Alan Barnes,  Faith Hill and Tim Mcraw, Roger Daltry, Vince Gill, Pete Seeger, Reba McIntyre, Ashley Judd,  Gloria Steinem, The Honorable Al Gore, and many, many more.

Recognition:  LIPA CEO Mark-Featherstone-Witty, along with Sir Paul McCartney,  LIPA CEO Mark-Featherstone-Witty, along with Sir Paul McCartney, presented Suzahn with the, “Honored Friend Award”, after the trio co-hosted fundraising events including Bonnaroo and Nationals Stadium in Washington, DC., for teaching at LIPA, and for her work as the International Events Manager at Gibson Musical Instruments.  Best song of the year for, “Out Of Town  Romance”, by the Jazz Rag Magazine, UK.  Recognized by Unicef, Udine Italy.

Song Placement:  Original songs published through various companies including Warner-Chapel, with songs in numerous award-winning films, and TV shows with placements in dozens of shows and plays in over 40 countries including: Oprah, Desperate Housewives, Disney, ESPN, BET, National Geographic, and Nickelodeon and many more.  National jingles (USA) as a songwriter and a vocalist including Certs, Dr. Pepper, Pillsbury and many more.  Songs in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC., and in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Award Presented:  Suzahn, representing the Honorable Al Gore, and sponsored by the American Embassy in Copenhagen, presented letters of accommodation to leading environmentalists in Paris and Toulouse, France at the Festival de la Terre.

Radio & TV:  Featured on BBC Ireland & UK, for a TV special  with Fergal Flaherty.  The show featured the pair co-wrote “Roscommon”, (for the county of Roscommon, Ireland) live during the program.  Suzahn has been a guest on dozens of radio and TV shows across Europe, and the US. Suzahn co-hosted, produced and performed on, “The Gospel According to Gatin”,  WSM Radio (Home of the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville TN) live from Liverpool at LIPA, and broadcast to over 50 million people worldwide.

Suzahn hails from New York City and lives in Nashville, TN, USA. Suzahn is a veteran engineer and producer and an alumni of BMG, RCA, Gibson Musical Instruments, and MCA Music. Currently, Suzahn teaches privately and is at the helm of the Nashville Gypsy Jazz Circle.

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 “An elegant purveyor of smoky vocals, accomplished guitar playing, masterful scatting, well crafted standards and originals, New York born Suzahn is a true jazz diva. “ The Argus, England

“An accomplished composer and guitarist, Suzahn’s writing style is influenced by blues, R&B, and pop – although traditional jazz runs throughout like molten steel… and she can scatt with the best of them.   Birmingham Post, England.

“Suzahn is a bold, fresh and adventurous talent and writes songs that can touch your heart at 60 paces. “  La Tribuna, Marbella, Spain

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