LIPA (The Liverpool Institute For The Performing Arts), CEO Mark Featherstone-Witty, and Sir Paul McCartney present “The Honored Friend Award” To Suzahn Fiering at Graduation Ceremony.
Suzahn, who teaches on a variety of music of arts related subjects, is a regular guest instructor and the Nashville Liason for LIPA.  Suzahn has co-hosted events with Mr. McCartney at Bonnaroo and Nationals Stadium in Washington, DC in 2013 on the “Out There Tour” to raise money and awareness for LIPA. Suzahn first learned about LIPA as the International Events Manager at Gibson Musical Instruments.  Through her, Gibson set up the “John Lennon Scholarship” and provided instruments to LIPA.  As the first music manufacturer to jump on board with the then new University, Suzahn facilitated many other music manufactures and organizations to come on board to support the school.
Suzahn will be joined at graduation by students, staff and other award recipients who make up some of the brightest and most successful people in the world of music, dance, theater, arts and entertainment business, set design, sound design and costuming.
After receiving her award, Suzahn will tour Europe playing Jazz, Blues and Americana in Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Denmark and the UK.   Chuck Whiting, Nashville 7-14